• John Van de Mergel

Sounds | Nicky William, Boys Will Be Boys (Evil Art Sessions)

Onze vrienden van Icons Creating Evil Art staan erom bekend héél sterke artiesten te tekenen die allemaal één ding gemeen hebben, m.n. een 'duister kantje'. We lieten reeds Louise Lemón en Helga veelvuldig aan bod komen, en laten jullie nu kennis maken met Nicky William.

Over een volgende band/artiest die wordt getekend mogen we nog niets zeggen, maar weet dat wij hier een hand(je) in hebben gehad en het nieuws binnenkort mogen aankondigen.

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Evil Art Sessions is a series of live sessions produced by Icons Creating Evil Art and released monthly, via Youtube as live videos but also as digital singles for streaming. The artist featured each month is performing one of their original songs in a stripped down live version, along with making a cover of a song by an ICEA signed artist. Icons Creating Evil Art is a boutique music label and publisher with the intention of evoking feelings and reactions - They want to provoke, inspire, create, destroy, and disrupt old structures while having fun doing so. Since 2015 and with the ambition of fighting conservatism, they are signing and developing new talent from the ever evolving field of pop music.

INTRODUCING NEW SIGNING Influenced by artists like Joni Mitchell, Patti Smith and Nick Cave, Nicky William released his debut album 2017, the melancholic alternative-folk record "Set your loved ones free, we have you surrounded". Since his debut two years ago, Nicky has matured in his expression as well as his songwriting and in a new collaboration with the Stockholm-based boutique label Icons Creating Evil Art he will release brand new material in the coming year. Nicky's vision and ambition is to find new ways to make music and realize song ideas that do not feel obvious or simple. In his new material, he has taken out the turns and to some extent gone beyond the melancholy alternative-folk sphere for an experimental, ambitious sound and a complex songwriting that takes greater risks than before. While Nicky appreciates and is inspired by older americana and folk artists, he is drawn to the itchy and edgy outsiders, which leads to his music often being a reflection of both worlds. He says: “I have for a long time wanted to make more challenging music and I feel that I found an expression for that this time. I don’t always want it to sound "nice" but rather that it should sound a bit filthy. It's the kind of music I like myself. But at the same time, me and my producers have wanted to keep parts of the more recognizable folk sound. The upcoming songs move across a broad spectrum and together, it becomes a middle ground between complex and cozy."


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