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Sounds | Noah Cyrus, July

Zijn we gek geworden? Een beetje misschien. Luister echter eens met een 'open mind' en oren open naar deze van het zusje van. Klinkt verre van slecht, op het randje van erg goed zelfs. Juffrouw Cyrus klinkt hier lekker relax/chill en houdt de begeleiding gepast sober: een tweede stem, akoestische gitaar en whistles. Benieuwd of het nieuwe album helemaal die licht rootsy/folky tour op gaat.

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Noah Cyrus is an American singer and actress. Her debut single ‘Make Me (Cry)’ released on 15th November 2016 and created a stir on music charts around the world. She is the youngest daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus and younger sister of pop singer, Miley Cyrus. Noah may have earned fame at three with a recurring role in the television show ‘Doc’ but her most memorable performance as a child voice actor and singer has been the English version of the Japanese animated film ‘Ponyo’ in 2008. Though she is still a teenager, Noah has made quite a name for her philanthropic activities and campaigned for PETA against the use of animal dissections in high schools. Noah also featured alongside electronic DJs ‘Marshmellow’ and ‘Ookay’ in the song ‘Chasing Colors’ which hit radios on 14th April 2017 and peaked at the number 31 spot of the ‘US Dance/Electronic Songs Billboard 2017 Music Chart’. She has focussed mainly on releasing singles. Good Cry (2018) was her first EP and 2019 should see the light of her first full album.

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