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Sounds | Riot Horse, Cold Hearted Woman

Dat ze in Scandinavië sterk zijn in Classic Rock weten we ondertussen (Graveyard anyone?). Ook Riot Horse tappen uit dat '70s vaatje met invloeden van Led Zeppelin over Mountain tot de Black Crowes. Op 26 oktober kwam hun album Cold Hearted Woman uit. Een introductie. "In 2006 the danish/swedish heavy band Sons Of Tomorrow deicided to take a long time break. Guitarist Neil Schuttman have had a vision for many years. To set up a new heavyrock band with a more classic sound. The inspiration came from bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and The Black Crowes. Bluesy, heavy riffing and groovy. He did not hesitate. Just a couple of of weeks after Sons Of Tomorrow annoncement he called some musicans and asked to join. Some of them were old Sons Of Tomorrow fellows and some of them were new friends. After jamming the new ideas everyone knew that this should not only be a project, this should be serious, they were on a mission to show the people out there what rock n' roll is all about. Riot Horse have found their style. Classic heavy rock that kicks ass, straight from the heart!! Dirty, groovy and sexy!"

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