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Sounds | Zeal & Ardor - Clawing Out

Een kurkdroge staccato thrash riff, een wat demonisch grommende chant, slepende drums... je verwacht elk moment dat dit nummer helemaal gaat losbarsten. Dead wrong want alles blijft best plagend dreigend, mits hier en daar een tempowisseltje en wat leuke gimmicks. Ook de tweede single van de Zwitsers verbaast toch lichtjes.

GREIF verschijnt op 23 augustus 2024 in eigen beheer.

Luister ook naar: to my ilk

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Zeal & Ardor isn’t just a band; it’s a living and breathing entity. Like any other sentient being, it consumes, evolves, and transforms from one season to the next. It has only sharpened its claws, lengthened its teeth, and steeled its nerves over the years, growing more undeniable and unpredictable in the process. 

After delivering gentle, harmonious new song "to my ilk" on the announcement of their astonishing, forthcoming new album GREIF last month, today the Swiss iconoclasts delight in flipping the table over delivering snarling, staccato new single "Clawing out." 

Ringleader Manuel Gagneux proclaims, "We like to surprise people. So of course after releasing our softest song to date with "to my ilk" we want to create some whiplash with "Clawing out"! Not satisfied with a mere heavy riffed song, we elected to borrow some elements from other musical styles to further the impact. Revel with us in righteous violence - justificatum malum factum."


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