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Sounds | Witchcraft, Elegantly Expressed Depression

Witchcraft, oftwel Magnus Pelander, oftewel 'mister ik-doe-gewoon-eigenwijs-mijn-ding' is er nog eens ingevlogen. Met Black Metal laat hij op 1 mei een akoestisch album op ons los. Is de mensheid tegen die datum nog niet uitgeroeid, dan geeft deze eerste single ons wel een duwtje in de rug om zelf het 'heft' in handen te namen. Veel uitleg hoeft het nummer niet, gewoon de titel lezen.

ter info Witchcraft was founded back in the year 2000 by singer Magnus Pelander. The band worked about two years until they finally released their first single in 2002. With the following albums “Witchcraft” (2004), “Firewood” (2005) and “The Alchemist” (2007) their distinctive signature sound - Which is known today as Swedens finest psychedelic/classic rock - was found.

In 2012, the band entered a new era signing with Nuclear Blast records. Pelander originally was both guitarist and singer, but now he decided to focus on his unique vocals. With a completely new line-up and the authentic, fine production by well-known producer Jens Bogren “Legend” was released. Back with a completely new line-up (Rage Widerberg on drums and Tobias Anger on bass), Witchcraft announced their new album »Nucleus« (2016). Another 4 years later, Pelander goes acoustic with Black Metal, to be releases May 1.


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