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Sounds | The Vintage Caravan , Crystallized

Met zo'n 'toten' kan het niet anders of je moet toch minstens in één video compleet over the top gaan! Wat de muziek betreft keek ik eerst wat raar op toen de perstekst het had over 'prog', maar potverdikke, dat nummer bevat zoveel invloeden en prog is absoluut eentje ervan. Naast de typische '70s invloeden van o.a. bands als Black Sabbath (de heavy psych kant), Led Zeppelin (de blues touch) en nog zoveel meer. Het Ijslandse trio weet alles echter in een modern jasje te steken zodat er geen stof blijft hangen.

Monuments verschijnt op 16 april via Napalm Records.

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Talent for crafting swirling, grooving sonic journeys aside, the peculiar “Crystallized” music video truly showcases that these youngbloods are anything but one note. Displaying their noteworthy knack for slow-build humor, the video depicts the band waking up under very bizarre circumstances, eventually trying to find their way back home. On the flipside, the video provides a bold commentary on technology gone wrong. Watch this one ‘til the end!

THE VINTAGE CARAVAN vocalist/guitarist Óskar on the new single “Crystallized”:

“‘Crystallized'’ is the second single and second track on Monuments. Lyrically, the song is about a man travelling alone in a car through a blizzard in Iceland during a red weather warning. Eventually he loses his way and leaves the car and walks out into the unknown and disappears. Unfortunately, these lyrics were inspired by the many people who travelled our dangerous and unpredictable island and did not make it, so this is a warning song of sorts.”

Óskar adds:

“We don’t take ourselves too seriously when it comes to videos. We take the music very seriously, but we like funny music videos. Our friends from the rock band Volcanova make a special appearance at the end of the video, they are great! We buried ourselves in the black desert sand for a few hours for your pleasure. Enjoy!”


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