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Sounds | The Vaughns, Raina

Plots beluister je een nummer waar je eigenlijk niets mee kan, maar je twijfelt. Even laten liggen en opnieuw beluisteren dan maar. Nog blijft het een dubbele. Is dit niet té poppy? Wat moet ik met die stem? Maar goed, in geval van twijfel, geven we het voordeel aan de band. Ik ben er vanaf. Aan jullie het oordeel. Graag gedaan!

De ep rom-coms + take-out verschijnt 29 january via Rude Records.

ter info On “Raina,” lead singer, Anna Lies shares, “This is a love song and our most vulnerable release yet. What more can I say?" Having met in a garage in their New Jersey hometown, The Vaughns, consisting of Anna Lies and Ryan Kenter, have been extensively touring the East Coast DIY circuits since they formed in 2014. With the past year bringing a record deal, lineup change, and COVID-19, The Vaughns found themselves diving deeper than ever into their songwriting. The band’s experimentations are brought to life in their new EP, rom-coms + take-out,expertly engineered/produced/mixed by Joe Reinhart and superbly mastered by Ryan Schwabe.

Using the quarantine to hunker down and continue to write the three track EP, Ryan and Anna were inspired by a variety of genres ranging from folk to pop. Keeping in mind the balance between interesting and over-complicated, they utilized new tools such as Ryan’s electronic drum pad and orchestral strings to push the sound. “The concept was to simplify our songs, but focus on using different sounds, riffs and instruments to keep them really fascinating. We wanted to get to the roots of what makes a good song,” Anna commented. This gives rom coms + take out an eclectic alternative sound that is heavily mixed with fresh indie melodies and vocals.

With the debut of rom-coms + take-out marking a huge step in The Vaughns’ career, they feel that it demonstrates a new beginning. This EP follows the main theme of finding oneself as chapters close and others begin to open. “It’s okay to fail, as long as you get back up,” Ryan added on. The Vaughns have some very exciting chapters in store, and this EP is like reading the back cover of a compelling novel - the best is yet to come.


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