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Sounds | Tetrarch, Negative Noise

Het nieuwe(re), jonge metalgeweld vlamt er een volgende single uit. Het is opnieuw een erg dansbaar en vlot meezingbaar liedje geworden, bomvol vette hooks, plezante riffs, grootse koortjes en drumroffels als een mitraillette (niet het broodje!). Ik snap nog steeds niet waarom onze jonge reviewers dit niet voor mijn neus egpikken. Niet komen janken als pépé dan ook het concert claimt! Maar goed, er rest jullie nog het album. Unstable verschijnt op 30 april via Napalm Records.

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Breakout metal stars Tetrarch have continued to deliver on their promise of taking over the metal scene in 2021 with the release of their two successful new singles, "I'm Not Right" and "You Never Listen", and today - in anticipation of their new album Unstable (out April 30 via Napalm Records) - they're dropping a third!

Their most aggressive single yet, "Negative Noise", sees Tetrarch enter full-on blisteringly heavy metal territory with an addictive modern twist. The sonic call to rise above the mediocre static that surrounds us stands tall as a vigorous, unrelenting banger - walloping with gritty riffage, forceful growls and an unrelenting double bass assault. The track impacts today alongside a hard-as-nails music video.

Frontman and guitarist Josh Fore says:

"'Negative Noise' is one of the heaviest songs on the new record. It mixes big riffs with thick bass, extreme drums and some of the most intense screams I’ve ever done. One of the highlights of the song is Diamond’s guitar solo that she absolutely killed and I know will turn so many people's heads.

Lyrically, the song is about constantly being surrounded by negativity and people trying to pull us in a million directions. More than ever, there is so much static around us, and we wanted to write a song about dealing with it and blocking out all of the noise."


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