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Sounds | Soen - Violence

Eentje voor de stadions: van epische proporties met een refrein om uit volle borst mee te brullen! Ik snap waarom deze band in BE niet zo fel aanslaat terwijl in Nederland wel: zéér 'Amerikaans'. I just love it!

Memorial verschijnt op 1 september 2023 via Silver Lining Music.

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Founding member and singer Joel Ekelöf comments, “Violence touches the topic of coercion, whether it is physical or mental. Violence can sometimes be delivered very cautiously in ways that don’t give room for a reaction but with the passing of time will destroy your confidence and self-regard.”

The new track is as biting and abrasive as its theme along with a melodic grace that transcends across the whole of the new album.

“It’s a different song for us musically speaking, it’s very direct and full of darkness and anger.” Adds co-founding member and drummer Martin Lopez.

Never ones to take the restrained path, Soen face down the ills and ways of current society with a crisp, wounded venom that betrays their pain, anger and frustrations. Each guitar carries a greater serrated edge, each melody a richer heart, each lyric a soul and spleen venting definitive proclamation. At the same time, Soen’s unique blend of progression, aggression, and beauty shows more maturity than ever before.

Soen have been building up to this moment for years and now they’re here with Memorial, which is an inspiring modern hard rock classic.

Following their incredible performances at this year’s summer festivals across Europe, Soen, completed by Lars Enok Åhlund (Keyboards and Guitar), Oleksii ‘Zlatoyar’ Kobel (Bass) and Cody Ford (Lead Guitar), will be heading out on their ‘Memorial’ European tour, which will kick off in September in Odense, Denmark.


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