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Sounds | Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton - Brand New Cadillac

Als de getalenteerde Samantha Fish en Jesse Dayton de handen in elkaar slaan dan verwacht ik me toch aan een sterk stemgeluid en gitaren die me doen sidderen van plezier.

Deze 50's rockabilly cover zal je dan ook even terugwerpen in de tijd. Vocaal sterk en hemels gitaarwerk. This is Rockabilly Heaven for me.

Hun EP Stardust Sessions is nu uit! In de lente van 2023 komt hun nieuwe album Death Wish Blues uit.

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For Fish, one of the greatest joys of making music is the powerful exchange of energy at her incendiary live shows. “Anytime I play live, I just want to want to make people forget about everything else in the world and feel that same joy that I feel on stage,”.

WhenSamantha & I 1st got together we recorded songs by The Clash, Magic Sam & Townes Van Zandt in New Orleans. Even though our full length original record is not out til next year we decided to release these 1st raw recordings we did now.


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