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Sounds | Roisin Murphy, Murphy's Law

Na de glorietijden van Moloko, en de mega hit Sing It Back, zocht Roisin Murphy haar heil in een solo-carrière. En deze week brengt ze de gloriedagen van de disco terug tot leven. Spijtig dat de discotheken over heel de wereld zowat gesloten zijn, want de dansvloer zou heel de 8 minuten swingen alsof we terug in de jaren '70 waren. Misschien wel erg toepasselijk dat de track dan ook nog eens Murphy's Law als titel mee kreeg.

ter info From Moloko onwards, Murphy has always gravitated towards a deep groove. But here, with Baltimore maverick musician/producer/DJ Maurice Fulton, she's gone and made some of the most hip-twitching, pleasure-centre-stimulating music of her life. And it's being released in the only correct way for sounds so intimately connected to the dancefloor: on a series of 12” singles, with stunning graphics from Portuguese New Yorker Bráulio Amado. “Ultimately its about dancing,” says Murphy. “My kind of dancing: all low and funky, allowing itself to be a little out of control. It's all very simple in a way but Maurice has spent a lifetime immersed in music for dancing. His experience and depth of knowledge is undeniable. I did as I was told!” Across all eight original songs, her lyrics are intense, exploratory, probing into dark parts of her own and the listener's psyche – all the while working on the immediate, endorphin-stimulating dancefloor level too – and her voice is finer, richer, more expressive than ever. The tracks are full of the unadulterated, but deeply warped funk which Maurice has honed over his decades of dancefloor experience. This is as vivid and urgent as Murphy has ever sounded, and it bodes more than well for whatever comes next in her absurdly exciting on going voyage of discovery. “I've got more projects on the go,” she says; “I've got some new and exciting collaborators on board and I'm hoping an interesting patchwork of ideas and formats will emerge in due time. But for now I'm just gonna dance it out!!!” Keep your eyes peeled for the “All My Dreams” video, the first in a series of visuals, coming on May 18th


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