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Sounds | Qeaux Qeaux Jones ft. Lautmalr, Daydreaming

Ik leerde haar kennen op 23 mei 2006 als voorporgramma van Beth Hart in Cultuurpodium Boerderij. De Amsterdamse singer/songwriter wist iedereen te overtuigen met een fantastische sterke stem en pakkende nummers die recht uit het hart kwamen. Haar nieuwe nummer Daydreaming, inderdaad een dromerig, erg sfeervol (pop)nummer met een fluweelzacht zingende Jones, is de voorbode van haar derde album dat binnenkort zal verschijnen. Achterover leunen, drankje in de hand en genieten maar.

Luister ook naar: I Can't Breathe uit 2015

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They say my music is deep, blue and alternative and it brings a lot of people to tears.

Ever since I started to write songs I have been melancholic, with a need to translate my 24/7 ADHD mind set and my WTF questioning about our society of the western world I live in that is mainly based on fear that is depicting the choices we make.

After releasing two albums, No Man's Land & The Ritual and one EP Sometime Soon, I was touring and traveling through Europe and did a lot of learning by doing.

By going the exact opposite direction of what 'was planned' I had the chances to meet these amazing people on tour and was welcomed by communities that made me realise why I am an Artivist (artist and activist) and why I am doing what I do and where and how that needs to be executed. 

"Heep Heep Hooray! " I thought. And then the real work started.

I decided to retreat for as long as I needed to heal from the world that is called, the music industry.

I don't think judgments over hair or writing ugly things, just to gain viewers on your website, have anything to do with music and neither does overexposure of egoism, narcism, verbal and sexual abuse.

I got the number one position in the charts of my home country (The Netherlands) and played sold out venues at the neighbours (Germany). I shared the stage with amazing musicians, famous and none famous but I didn't want to become a slave of my own succes, neither did I feel the need to live up to the expectation of others.  

Art is to make a stand. To me it is political and besides the need to entertain, it comes from a deeper place. A need to connect, to see others, honesty and to be truly seen by others before I can share this vulnerable thing that I do.

Music (and any other form of art for that matter), should never be about winning, compromising, fame, money, bitch fights or status. It is about healing,sharing storiesand opening hearts. It is a fundamental keystone that is needed for our daily sanity and breaking through collective views when they block any form of progress to a more peaceful, included and balanced society/world. 

I am against the corporate business that puts profit over people and I plea for separating state from corporates. 

With the social media platforms, we can no longer deny from what is going on int world and how it is all connected, we can no longer live with the idea that we're all individuals and that our actions have no consequences. 

It has been 4 years now and I have done a lot of soul searching, peeling back the layers, studying humanism, carnism, politics, community building after recovering from a burn out and dealing with a social linked depression.

Luckily the world ain't all that bad, it depends what to do with the givens. I met amazing people, got inspired, I cried, I screamed and kicked against the system. I sang for thousands of people and you sang to me. I met my youngest fellow likeminded humans and the oldest, some died, some recently born. I broke with my team and now I am moving on, making a new album, while I still have no clue what it is going to sound like since I am working with a lot of people who all have a different background and or sound. All I know is what I have to say, how I want to feel, with who I want to share my life with and what I have learned that I want to share with you.

I am doing this independent, with help from friends and fans.

Carried out through love and determination.

 I am an intuitionist, a creator, a coach, a speaker, a writer, a witness, an artivist, a musician, a rebel and I am vegan forallthe right reasons. 

You can support my art and activism by buying my music, booking me to enchant your home with a concert or to become my sponsor through PATREON! That way I can maintain what I do and focus on my art and humanitarian work.


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