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Sounds | Poetica, Sleep When I'm Tired

Daarvoor doe ik het, uren door onze mailbox ploegen en enkele sites in de gaten houden om uiteindelijk dergelijke pareltjes te ontdekken. Nu ja, dit project van Rachel Sage was me niet onbekend en ook dit nummer hebben we reeds eerder laten passeren. Drie maand na datum krijgt dit nummer echter een prachtige video, dus laten we die graag nog eens aan bod komen. Luister ook naar: Unconditional


With its instantly hummable melody, Poetica's "Sleep When I'm Tired" harnesses Eastern European & flamenco musical flavors to capture the feelings that arise from physical & mental exhaustion. Singer/producer Rachael Sage and 3x Grammy® winning cellist Dave Eggar channel smoky bar vibes, depicting love’s resilience in the face of duress. Beatbox grooves, acoustic guitar, & blues harmonica provide colorful accompaniment, which features Will Wilde on harmonica, Russ Johnson on trumpet, Jeff Allen on upright bass, Dave Eggar on cello, Jack Petruzzelli on piano, Doug Yowell on drums, and Gerry Leonard on electric guitars.

Equal parts Nick Cave and Patti Smith, Poetica's clip for "Sleep When I'm Tired" is a cinematic escape from the mundane that takes us on a visually beautiful but slightly disturbing trip into the unknown, encouraging us to slow down and notice the inspiring relics left along our own paths by others, especially in these often surreal and disorienting times. As Sage explained to The Bluegrass Situation, "It was important to me that when we made the video, there'd be a surrealistic, dream-like quality to it, prompting the viewer to ask 'where exactly are we and what's going on?' while also feeling a kind of dissociation between the performance and the environment.This is a reversal of what we're used to, where home protects us from the elements. But as we all learned during these unusual times, whether we're alone or with others, we all need wide open spaces, nature, and plenty of imagination to stave off the blues."

Cinematic and stylistically expansive, Poetica is a creatively ambitious musical spoken word project distilling a poetic spirit through text, voice and music. Diverse contributors to Poetica include renowned klezmer clarinetist David Krakauer, jazz trumpet player Russ Johnson (Elvis Costello), violinist Kelly Halloran (Michael Franti), multi-instrumentalist Jack Petruzzelli (Rufus Wainwright), guitarists James Mastro (Patti Smith) and Gerry Leonard (David Bowie), and drummers Doug Yowell (Suzanne Vega) and Quinn (Janelle Monáe). Stream and order the album HERE. Also just out is Poetica Instrumentals. This richly arranged and meditative companion release to Poetica is available digitally, as well as included in the Poetica Deluxe CD package.

Beginning as a duo collaboration under lockdown between Sage and her longtime cellist Dave Eggar (Esperanza Spalding, Paul Simon), Poetica soon evolved into a full-blown, cinematic spoken word album, with Sage producing and engineering the project in isolation with limited gear she happened to have with her while on tour, while sending files back and forth to musicians from Tennessee to England. From over 200 poems written both during and prior to lockdown, Eggar – whose parents are both poetry professors – volunteered to help Sage select the 18 spoken-word pieces that eventually comprised the album. The project was mixed by Grammy® winner Andy Zulla (The Sweet Remains, Stephen Kellogg) and mastered by multiple Grammy® winning engineer Alan Silverman. website


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