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Sounds | Poetica, Sleep When I'm Tired

Met het zelfgetitelde Poetica brengt Rachael Sage binnekort een spoken-word conceptalbum uit. Niet iets wat me ligt, op deze enige gezongen track na. Sleep When I'm Tired tapt uit Oost-Europese en flamenco vaatjes, laat boven een akoestische gitaar en harmonica beatbox grooves toe en maakt het geluid voller via gebruik van trompet, cello, upright bass, piano en elektrische gitaar. Geen geoplijste sound trouwens, wel een ruw, ongeslepen juweeltje.

Poetica verschijnt op 22 oktober 2021 via MPress Records

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Sage explains,

'“Sleep When I’m Tired”' is the only sung piece on Poetica – versus the rest of the album being spoken-word focused material. The reason I included it was because it was composed in real time off the top of my head, as I sang the lyrics over a guitar loop without editing a line or redoing the lead vocal…it was one take, and a rather imperfect, gritty performance but I felt it captured a feeling, in the spirit of the album as a whole. I had been listening to Nick Cave’s ‘The Weeping Song’ earlier in the evening, fell asleep, and then decided to build a piece around clapping, which you can hear in the choruses. From there, I added beatboxing and percussion and just tried to capture the essence of profound exhaustion, and the process one goes through trying to emerge from darkness into light."

Poetica is a creatively ambitious musical spoken word project distilling a poetic spirit through text, voice and music in the spirit of Leonard Cohen, Patti Smith and Laurie Anderson. What began as a remote duo collaboration between Rachael Sage and Dave Eggar eventually evolved into a full-blown spoken word concept album, with musicians contributing from around the globe on arrangements fusing elements of jazz, classical and Appalachian folk. In addition to three-time Grammy® nominee Dave Eggar, contributors to Poetica include renowned klezmer clarinetist David Krakauer, Spooky Ghost guitarist (and longtime David Bowie bandmate) Gerry Leonard, jazz trumpet player Russ Johnson, drummer Quinn (Janelle Monáe) and UK-based rock-blues harmonica player Will Wilde. Frequent musical partners Kelly Halloran (Michael Franti), Doug Yowell (Suzanne Vega), Jack Petruzzelli (Rufus Wainwright), and James Mastro (Patti Smith) contributed violin, drums, and electric guitar, respectively.

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