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Sounds | ¡PENDEJO!, Wrathchild

Ow boy, dacht ik zo, daar gaat nog eens iemand een klassieker coveren, pffftttttt, weg ermee! Maar natuurlijk luister ik naar zowat alles wat ik toegestuurd krijg van bepaalde labels en pr agencies, dus .... Ik wist eerst niet wat te denken: moest ik nu in een deuk liggen van het lachen of het net héél erg serieus nemen? Tja, wanneer je Wrathchild in het Spaans hoort, met een trombone en trompet erbij én je checkt even de band, dan kan je niet anders dan hier héél erg vrolijk van worden.

¡PENDEJO! tovert dus met deze cover un gran sonrisa op mijn 'tote': "Ai komien to get joe!" Toma verschijnt op 26 augustus. LIVE 02/09, Merleyn (Nijmegen) 10/09, Bibelot (Dordrecht) 11/09, Mezz (Breda) (voor meer data zie onder)


Heavy brass, brutal riffage, pounding drums, cojones, and Spanish urban lyrics that make you wonder "did they just say that?". Yes they did. They go by the name of ¡PENDEJO!

¡PENDEJO! is a heavy rock band from the Netherlands, founded by two cousins with a history in Latin America. Digging into their latino roots they started blending heavy riffage, right-in-your-face lyrics in urban Spanish and to top it all off, a screaming trumpet.

Leaving their skid marks in the underground scene throughout Europe and Latin America - and having shared stages with influential heavyweights like Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu, Karma To Burn, Mondo Generator and Helmet - the band puts on a show for anyone who is not afraid to be grabbed by the cojones and to be thrown into a spicy puddle of chili con carne.

In 2010 ¡PENDEJO! released it's debut album ‘CANTOS A LA VIDA’ which got great reviews from both the Dutch and the international press. Their music has been described as heavy, addictive, rough and grooving, or as a Spanish critic so eloquently put it: “Heavy rock in Spanish with balls the size of Danny de Vito”.

¡PENDEJO! recorded it's second album ‘ATACAMES’ (2014) with producer Pieter Kloos (Motorpsycho, Ween, Barkmarket, Dool). This resulted in a daring album containing 10 songs ranging from heavy to lighthearted, and from melodramatic to outright aggressive.

Between 2013 and 2018 the band did several tours in Europe and Latin America, including their European tour as support for Monster Magnet in 2018.

For their latest full-length album 'SIN VERGÜENZA' (2018), also recorded by Pieter Kloos, the band continued its journey into the mostly untouched area where brass and heavy guitars meet. On 'SIN VERGÜENZA' ('Shameless' in Spanish), the band displays a musical attitude as shameless as the lyrics on this album: right in your face, unconventional, and not afraid to cross the limits set by moral censors.


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