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Sounds | Music Inspired by - Perun (feat. K. i A. Drabikowscy from БАТЮШКА & Inga Habiba

Door traditionele muziek geïnspireerde muzikanten en bands heb je in alle maten en vormen. Bij ons zijn natuurlijk Wardruna en Heilung bij een breder publiek gekend, maar wat met deze 'Music Inspired By'? Deze keer dompelen ze ons onder in de Slavische muziek wat resulteert in een gekruide mix van folk, rock en elektronische elementen.

Knap gedaan.

Music Inspired By Slavs verschijnt op 21 april 2023 via Mystic Productions.


According to band members, “Perun” is a short, cinematic story about sacrifice, devotion, love, and the need to break free from patterns. And all of this in a mysterious setting of our native landscapes.

“Music Inspired by” is a project consisting of three musicians – Artur Szolc, Robert Srzednicki and Kris Wawrzak. They present an incredibly spacious and atmospheric sound vision in which you can find elements characteristic of folk, rock, classical and electronic music. The instrumentation of the project is very complex and includes, among others: all kinds of percussion, string, keyboard and plucked instruments as well as a whole range of completely modern synthesizers and samplers.

“Music Inspired by Slavs”, the new album, is a multidimensional album. Folk music blends here with rock and electronics. The spicy, folk, Slavic climate of the compositions is the musical “main dish”. However, it is not the only one. Against its background, you can hear instruments and languages from different parts of the world. So, in musical terms, this is a multi-threaded and multicultural story, and “Slavdom” is its center. In the conceptual layer - the titles of individual tracks are the names of Slavic deities. There are also five short musical forms on the album that serve as interludes. Their titles (north, east, west, south, center) are a kind of road signs indicating the character of various, external musical influences present onthe album.

There are many guests on this album. A total of sixteen artists have complemented the basic, three-member MIB project lineup. Krzysztof Drabikowski (Batiuszka) took care of the unusual, atmospheric, dark vocals, reminiscent of church liturgical songs and folk singing. Mariusz Duda from Riverside (this time as Lunatic Soul) sang in the song “Swaróg”, creating an incredibly melodic and spacious atmosphere with his voice. The mythology of the ancient Slavs served as the guiding theme. In addition to the purely musical content, album has a wonderful graphic design and contains descriptions of each song, introducing the listener to the world of ancient Slavic deities.


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