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Sounds | Mayrian Sanskülotts - Live session @Ngon

In navolging van hun album God Tiger Need Chemical Works ontstond deze prachtige live sessie, opgenomen in de meest populaire markt van Budapest. Je kan je eigenlijk geen betere setting voorstellen om de dreampop van dit intrigerende gezelschap te brengen. Hun dromerige popliedjes baden in een sfeer van post punk en ethereal wave en krijgen zo een extra dimensie.

God Tiger Need Chemical Works is verschenen op 11 mei 2022 via Tom-Tom Records.

Ter Info

During filming, the songs – taken from their album God Tiger Need Chemical Works – were performed amid the heavenly smell of pho soup instead of Vietnamese tiger balm, and under mysterious flickering lights and red lanterns. The live session video, shot at a popular restaurant in the market, is a tribute to the work of director Bence Szemerey and his team, as was the case with the band's last video.

Zita Csordás, the band's singer, says of the video: “The concept was Bence Szemerey’s idea. We sent him the new album, and he suggested that we shoot the video in the Thai and Vietnamese Ngon restaurant in the Asian market, using a lot of red lights. At that time, he wasn’t even aware of the Vietnamese tiger balm concept that defines the album. ‘What is this if not fate?’, I thought to myself, and since I (obviously) liked the idea, we agreed on the concept, and much later Bence came up with the script."

Bence Szemerey added about the concept and the brainstorming process: "We had talked to the band a long time ago about recording a live session, and they sent me the demos of the tracks at the time. My first thought when I heard them was that we should do it in some kind of Asian setting with a bit of a sci-fi vibe. After I pitched the idea to the band, it turned out that they had just done a photo shoot which was also in an Asian setting, so we were all really happy because I had clearly managed to get the idea. So there was no question about what we should do."

For the live session footage, the band installed a full sound recording rig in the dining room of the restaurant – which Mayberian guitarist Gergő Dorozsmai assembled on the spot in the middle of the night – and he did the sound engineering with the help of Kende Dobos. Zita said: "The end result is so great that I can hardly believe the video was made for us."


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