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Sounds | Maggie Rose - Fake Flowers

Ik moest héél even aan Sam Brown's Stop denken, ook al kan je beide nummers niet vergelijken, ergens liggen ze qua vibe toch dicht bij elkaar. Rose levert een vierde nieuwe klepper op rij af. Vocaal opnieuw top, muzikaal rijk met een mooie rol voor de Hammond B3. Wat wil ik deze dame live aan het werk horen en zien!

No One Gets Out Alive verschijnt op 5 april via Big Loud Records

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Written by Rose and the heavyweight duo of Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony (Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Miley Cyrus)the rousing “Fake Flowers” is a highlight on the new album as well as Maggie's live shows. Amid the swirl of a gospel laced B3 organ and crisp electric guitars, Rose comes on like a full-throated blues titan. It's a powerful star turn – each line sung uniquely and with extraordinary assurance – that brings the house down.


Rose comments, “On this song, I let myself be angry. That was liberating. I wasn't softening the edges of my feelings for anyone or worrying about how it would land. The lyrics have some piss and vinegar, and women aren't always encouraged to put that on full display. But I didn't want to conform to that, anger has its time and place and you can't let it go if you keep suppressing it. I wrote it with Chuck Harmony and Claude Kelly, who are spectacular artists and songwriters. They helped me dig in deep…I think that range of emotion in the song is one of the reasons it has been going over so well in the live setting; people like to see someone let it all out.”


The captivating music video was directed by Nicki Fletcher and Mason Allen. The clip amplifies the track's impactful essence with a visually stunning story unfolding around Rose.



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