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Sounds | Louise Lemón - Midsummer Night

Drie jaar hebben we moeten wachten op nieuw geluid van Louise Lemón, maar nu is de nieuwe single er. Gewoonlijk gaat dit gepaard met een erg knappe video, niet zo deze keer. Midsummer Night is in feite een best luchtig nummer, eentje met een pak minder galm op de stem van Louise en ook een stuk minder donker dan we van haar gewoon zijn. Je zou bijna kunnen zeggen dat ze een stuk toegankelijker is geworden. Ergens in de mix zit ook een orgel en gitaar verscholen. Spijtig dat beide erg dof klinken.

Een nieuw album komt er in 2024 aan via Icons Creating Evil Art.


Renowned artist Louise Lemón is thrilled to announce her triumphant return to the music scene with the upcoming release of her new album early 2024. The album marks a significant milestone in her career, as she takes the reins and showcases her exceptional talents as both a songwriter and producer. To add to the excitement, Louise has also unveiled her captivating new single "Midsummer Night," providing an enticing glimpse into the musical journey that lies ahead.

Known for her powerful and evocative sound, Louise Lemón has once again teamed up with the exceptionally skilled Randall Dunn for mix/mastering, the acclaimed producer behind works with iconic artists such as Thurston Moore, Zola Jesus, Sunn O))), Marissa Nadler, Anna Von Hausswolff, and many more. The collaboration promises to elevate her music to new heights, captivating listeners worldwide.

In her statement about the single "Midsummer Night," Louise Lemón delves into the profound emotions that inspired her latest works: "I found myself in a position of my deepest sorrow, that made me see myself in a new light, forced me to really grow. I wrote and also produced my upcoming album and this single, and really it was me taking charge of my own soul. This is such an important piece for me as it was me not letting anyone else own the narrative of my story. I am proud of wearing my heart on my sleeve. What I may or may not lack in any part of life, I do not lack in my music. That force is my lifepower. Someone told me no one will be as big of a love as my music is, and in one way I think he was right. Musically I ventured into a new space, took off any layers that weren't completely pure, it’s straight forward, unapologetic. As always, I found myself recording with my amazing band having them to lean on and grow with. So even in the deepest storms, music saves."

Louise Lemón has garnered widespread acclaim for her previous works, including two highly successful albums and the 'Devil' EP. She has earned the well-deserved title of 'the Queen of Death Gospel,' receiving rave reviews and features from prominent music publications worldwide. Major pieces in multiple country editions of Metal Hammer, Powerplay, Revolver Magazine, Zero Tolerance, Close-Up, Sonic Seducer, Orkus, Gaffa, and many more have cemented her status as a captivating and genre-defying artist.

Her magnetic performances have taken her to various prestigious venues and festivals across the globe. Louise has graced the stage with a European tour alongside Sólstafir (IS), mesmerized audiences at Eurosonic ESNS (NL), captivated the crowd at the celebrated Roadburn Festival (NL), and enthralled fans at Wave Gotik Treffen (DE), in addition to separate tours in Scandinavia and Spain.


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