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Sounds | Logan Halstead - Kentucky Sky

Een song over Kentucky vanop een berg in Boone County (West Virginia), why not! De link tussen beide vind je terug in de pr tekst onder 'lees'. Negentien is de (jonge)man, maar nummers schrijven en zingen kan hij als geen ander. Alweer eens een leuke ontdekking in het country genre. Even vermelden dat dit nummer al twee jaar oud is, maar gezien zijn eerste album eraan komt, wil ik jullie toch laten kennismaken met dit talent.

Dark Black Coal verschijnt op 5 mei 2023 via Thirty Tigers.

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Born in Kentucky and raised in West Virginia, it's no surprise that Halstead draws influence from like-minded peers Tyler Childers and Sturgill Simpson, but he has also found inspiration in the work of Nicholas Jamerson and Cole Chaney. "All these folks mentioned have laid a path and shown that it's okay to be from these parts; we're not so looked down on anymore,” says Halstead. The aforementioned contemporaries have given him the ability to be proud of who he is, and that has led him to be a driving force in the scene of young artists from the Appalachian region.

Halstead drew inspiration for the song (Kentucky Sky) by admiring the scenery of Kentucky outside his back window at the time. Simple, yet powerful, Halstead softly fingerpicks at his guitar accompanied by broad strokes from a fiddle in the background as they paint a picture about keeping a loved one close. Describing the song in his own words Halstead states, “I was picking around in the kitchen looking out the window and saw two cardinals playing on the fence out back. I thought back to a summer in Crittenden, Kentucky, where there were rolling hills and cow pastures. It seemed like the sun never wanted to set there. That's how I came up with the title."

Halstead wrote and released his first song “Dark Black Coal” at just 15 years old and has already amassed over 5 million views on YouTube. Rothman was immediately moved by Halstead’s lyrics and knew instantly how he wanted to produce the proper sound for Halstead’s stories to be told. Rothman states, “Logan’s songs are far older than he is. His voice hit my heart muscle hard, there is so much living in the resonance of his singing but so much youth at the same time.”

The success of Halstead’s first single, “Dark Black Coal” has allowed him to build a great fan base through YouTube, touring, and opening for artists like Zach Bryan, Charles Wesley Godwin, Town Mountain, and many more. With the record released over a year after he recorded the album, OurVinyl came into his life at the perfect time. In a collaboration with OurVinyl, Logan released a taste of his upcoming project with a four-song EP that has amassed over 120,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.


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