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Sounds | Light By The Sea, Chelsea Is A Mermaid And She's Soaking In

Geen inspiratie (of voldoende budget) voor een nieuwe videoclip? Film dan gewoon jezelf terwijl je aan het tafelen bent. Aan het 'dineren' welteverstaan, met alle toeters en bellen erop en eraan. Muzikaal laten Anna en Davy opnieuw horen dat ze tappen uit een rijk aanbod aan voorbeelden en daar een best unieke eigen stijl uit weten te destilleren. Het geluid van een sitar, magische bellen, betoverende vocale harmonieën en een vloeiende gitaarlijn kunnen ons wel charmeren.

Luister ook naar: Crimson Sugar Eleanor "This song, like the sea, is lulling the listener into a trance of the hidden secrets and fantasies of a female mind. What we find on the bottom is our deepest illusion of where we truly want to be...

As for Chelsea, it is her big escape from her monotonous marriage. Preferably, she'd rather be surrounding herself with beautiful mermaid girls, than having a humdrum dinner with her rich husband." (LBTS)


Light By The Sea - a musical journey which wasn't planned, but meant to be. Born during the quarantine times, this project is the lovechild of Eszter Anna Baumann and Davy Knobel, whose music consists of rock,avant garde and folk music elements with a catchy pop vibe. They recorded their first three singles with their producer Eddy Bopp this winter, and now they are ready to go back to the studio to finish their debut album, which will be released later this October.

Getting inspirations from their musical role models — Dead Can Dance, U2, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Phil Collins, Clannad, Fleetwood Mac and The Dandy Warhols —, they map a unique sound of self-discovery and self-realization in their artistic realm, in which a lot of listeners will feel comfortable with as Light By The Sea's aim is to bring back the 'forgotten sound' with their music.


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