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Sounds | killthelogo - Brainmaker

Inderdaad, weg van het 90's geluid, weg van de RATM en numetalinvloeden. Killthelogo laat een ander geluid horen dan we van hen gewoon zijn en ... dat is ergens wel goed nieuws. Een iets meer industrial/noise gitaargeluid naast de meer melodieuze zanglijnen, al blijft de groovende ritmesectie én een maatschappelijk geëngageerde boodschap wel behouden.


Entering its third year with relentless momentum, killthelogo is pushing boundaries and extending its musical legacy. Formed from the remnants of .calibre, an influential act of the early 2000s, killthelogo presents a formidable and rejuvenated force in the current landscape of alternative music. The band, rising like a phoenix from the ashes of its predecessor, continues to challenge the norms, echoing the sentiments of an increasingly divided world, and aiming to unify through a unique sense of community.

Following the release of their Reset album in November 2021 and the Deconsume EP in January 2022, killthelogo has charted a new course in 2023. With an unchanged line-up featuring Daniel Mies on vocals, Niko Poortmans and Sven Leyemberg on guitars, Herwig Scheck on bass, and Jonas Sanders on drums, the band is set to unleash a series of new singles and an EP in 2023, and a full-length album in 2024.

Their first new track Brainmaker signals a more melodic departure from their prior releases, loosening the grip on the 90’s crossover vibe and exploring uncharted territories. This shift in style has further invigorated their sound, proving that they're still loud, alternative, and tremendously fun.

As they themselves would put it: “The Brainmaker is the energy of manifestation incarnate. It’s our perception that keeps shifting and the many truths we manifest. Who are we? Why are we? Is reality real? Or complete?”


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