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Sounds | Khroma, Tidal

Ik hou wel van een lading ellentriek in mijn metaal. Anything goes, zolang muzikanten de reeds lang platgetreden paden niet nog platter treden. Anderzijds ben ik ook weer ne moeilijken en slik niet zomaar elke mashup die mijn richting uitgestuurd wordt. Deze kerels uit Helsinki trekken met Tidal wel mijn aandacht en dan nog in die zin dat ik absoluut het album wil horen.

Ex Nihilo verschijnt op 10 september via Inverse Records.

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A tidal wave is approaching. Khroma’s fourth and final single from the upcoming “Ex Nihilo” album, “Tidal is the soundtrack for the end of times, when the flood will come and wash it all away. In a collage of downtuned grooves, electronic beats, sorrowful ambiences and the relentless rhyming by vocalist Riku Rinta-Seppälä, ”Tidal” takes you on a one-way journey beyond the darkest waves."

With the first Khroma album release in five years, the Helsinki-based electro-metal outfit Khroma will be getting ready to hit the stages again.

Khroma convey the decline of our times into an assaulting soundtrack of moody atmospherics and ambiences, down-tuned patterns and pumping trip hop beats. It’s definitely heavy and screeching as hell, but with plenty of non-conventional elements to raise the interest of the less headbanging audiences aswell. Lyrically the band tackles contemporary socio-economical and environmental issues. In other words: fight the power



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