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Sounds | Iterum Nata - A Manifested Nightmare

Ik vind vooral die video knap gedaan en helemaal in een sfeer waar ik van hou, waar ik als snotaap de creeps van kreeg Het minst overtuigd ben ik van de zang, die is mij te licht en vrijblijvend. Daartussen zweeft de muziek die een leuke blend weergeeft van post metal (imo), doom metal en folk.

From the Infinite Light verschijnt op 15 maart 2024 via Nordvis.

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Ter Info

Jesse comments: “A Manifested Nightmare” is about despair and the acceptance of a dark fate. It portrays undefeatable, sinister forces relentlessly pursuing you, leading to an inevitable surrender. Musically, this hauntingly dramatic track is characterized by its hypnotic, repetitive elements, featuring some of the finest piano work I've ever recorded. It’s an ideal soundtrack for sleepwalking through nightmares.

In the wake of his critically acclaimed 2023 album, “Trench of Loneliness”, Jesse  embarks on a bold foray across the boundaries between folk music, black and doom metal, neo-folk, and progressive rock, orchestrating a symphony where every note is a harbinger of both darkness and light.

Delving into the abyss of the human psyche, the album chronicles the odyssey of a desperate soul seeking refuge in the shadows of his inner chaos, eventually finding a sombre embrace in the darkness borne from his disintegrating sanity.


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