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Sounds | Hot Breath, Right Time

Gaan ze hiermee de muziekindustrie nieuw leven inblazen, de industrie door elkaar schudden, de wereld veranderen/veroveren? Tuurlijk niet, maar het blijft een vette pot vunzige rock&roll en dat gaat er altijd in. Vooral wanneer de clubs terug open mogen en we dit live kunnen beleven. Dak eraf!

Rubbery Lips verschijnt op 9 april via the Sign Records Luister ook naar: Bad Feeling


A hard-hitting foursome from Gothenburg, Sweden.The band is led by Jennifer Israelsson on vocals and guitar (she previously fronted Honeymoon Disease; aided and abetted by Karl Edfeldt (previously guitarist with Grande) and a brilliant rhythm section in Jimi Karlsson (ex Honeymoon Disease) and Anton Frick Kallmin (Hypnos). The band was only formed in October 2018, with all four band members wanting to mix their various pasts into one vibrating punchy sound.The band clearly love blending immortalized classic rock with pure attitude, cocky vocals fronting slabs of punky twin guitars and powerhouse rythmn section that pile-drive into you, much like the old Quo classic in fact! The adrenaline count is high, always seeking more miles per hour (another Ellen Foley reference!). Subtle it ain’t but extremely well performed and, although you could argue its quite derivative and samey, its nonetheless exhilarating stuff that ends all too quickly. (bron: Velvet Thunder)


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