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Sounds | Horsemeat, Shame

Voor de grunge fans. Shame leunt sterk aan bij de oude Soundgarden. Het nummer heeft diezelfde rauwe, slepende heavieness die mijn favoriete grungeband op bepaalde songs kenmerkte. Zalig om op te headbangen, al laat ik dat toch liever aan een jongere generatie.


The track is a low-fi sludgy master-class in the same ilk of the bands Failure and Helmet. The song was recorded by Simon “Ding” Archer at 6Db Studios in Salford and Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East in Boston, MA.

The band state:

‘Shame’ takes aim at the gullible and the thoughtless. The people on our friend’s feeds who share memes and articles from dubious sources without checking their facts first.

It was initially inspired by Trumpian style politics and stories of Cambridge Analytica, but the song took on a different meaning in the Pandemic era, where alternative facts and confirmation bias now dominate social media.

Horsemeat is the product of three men’s desire to satiate their passion for 80’s metal and 90’s grunge. The result is an aggressive blend of Hardcore, Post-Punk and Alternative Metal, with some progressive elements, which Horsemeat have dubbed “Prunge” for short.

Sitting squarely in the blurred grey hinterland between Punk and Metal, Horsemeat have carved a sound that is uniquely their own.

Horsemeat are:

Bert Genovese – Guitar / Vocals

Rob Jenkinson – Bass / Vocals

Lewis Kirk - Drums


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