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Sounds | High Inquisitor Woe, Black Sun Goddess

Vrij traditionele doom metal, licht stoner gekruid, is wat dit vijftal uit Lommel (BE) ons serveert. Black Sun Goddess heeft een leuke drive, klassiek gitaarwerk en 'witchy' vocals. De ideale song om een potje te headbangen. De ideale song voor wie niet moet van al dat moderne gedoe en liever het geluid van de jaren 70/80 hoort. Op 3 april verschijnt hun nieuwe EP Black Sun Goddess.

ter info

The Belgian band “High Inquisitor Woe” was conceived as a two piece band in late 2014. Its primary purpose was creating a blend of traditional doom metal and other heavy genres. With lyrical singing but spiced with other vocal styles as well. This resulted in the 2015 EP called “Liquid Times”. High Inquisitor Woe became a two piece vessel for Glenn and Mathijs to vent all of their personal experiences, each of them hidden behind a cool story. Sometimes funny, often incredibly serious.

Sources of inspiration are movies, comics, and literature they enjoyed in their youth when they wanted to escape reality. This includes wizards, great conquerors, crazy journalists, ancient history, kushadelic nights, mythical beasts, spiritual experiences and a certain mistrust of seductive, unclad women. In short: Conan The Barbarian and Hunter S. Thompson.

After the EP, High Inquisitor Woe needed more members to be able to perform live. After some switches and bad luck with unmotivated band members, they finally landed a steady line-up in early 2018. Benjamin (from hardcore band Escape) took over the battery section, and a bit later Dennie (known for his work with Saille and Gorath) joined for bass duties.

It is with this new line-up that the band started to record their upcoming full length. After recording their EP with Koen Keijers the band went back to him for this next endeavour and it was during this recording process that they asked Koen to join the band on guitar. This new album will boast a more defined sound, better song structures, and new atmospheres. It is an obvious continuation of the EP but also a massive step forward. High Inquisitor Woe has released “The Taint” upon the unsuspecting crowd and is ready to back it up with an epic live show. Prepare yourselves for pounding drums, crushing guitars and witchy vocals!

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