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Sounds | Gwendydd, Martyrdom

Wanneer pr blabla de term 'female fronted' gebruikt, krijg ik spontaan het vliegend jeweetwelwat. Want hoe noem je bands met vrouwelijke gitaristen: female winged? En bands met vrouwelijke drummers: female backed? Of zoals hier wanneer het allemaal vrouwen zijn en enkel de drummer - met de naam Bambi trouwens - een 'dude' is: male backed (of op basis van de video: male encircled?)? Ik verspil hier energie en weet dat ook wel, maar laat ons toch dergelijke labels achterwege laten, die zijn écht niet meer van deze tijd, toch? Wat de muziek betreft: niet onaardige modern (extreme) metal in de lijn van Jinjer, Infected Rain, etc. Luister zeker eens naar Victoria in The Voice Of Bulgaria (link in de tekst hieronder).

Censored verscheen op 6 mei 2022 via Drakkar Entertainment.

Luister ook naar: We Are The New Order


Gwendydd has developed from an unusual perspective when it comes to the metal scene, as it all started at prime-time TV talent show "The Voice Of Bulgaria". Pop starlet after pop starlet are giving their best to lull the audience with their favourite tearjerker. And then there is this innocent girly voice, performing Taylor Swift’s "Look what you made me do". Both audience and jury feel safe and sound. Until the song reaches the first chorus. What happened then, shocked and electrified the studio audience and a whole country in front of their TVs. With her brutal and angst-inducing death metal growls she seems to be ripping apart the original US pop star and spitting her left-overs all over the studio interior. Shock and joy, curiosity and fear melt into ecstatic cheering and a hurricane of applause. That girl’s name is Victoria Stoichkova and her performance quickly reached more than five million views on You Tube with a bursting comment section full of enthusiasm and cheering. This was the starting point of a career for sure, and what soon should become a full band and Europe’s next up-and-coming, extreme metal hopes Gwendydd !

Formed in 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria, and driven by a modern production, complemented by the mastering fingerprint of Max Morton (Jinjer, Ignea,..), the band‘s vibrant blend of wrecking guitar riffs and adrenalizing drums builds up to an extreme-metal avalanche. The perfect carrier for that brute death metal voice, which cuts deep into the flesh of modern society – not only with words but with a message.

Gwendydd is:

Vicky Stoichkova – Vocals

Bambi Nikiforov - Drums, Programmings

Tina Zhelyazova – Guitar

Irena Angelova – Guitar

Sonya Radeva - Bass

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