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Sounds | Guiltless - In Radiant Glow

Jaja, ook van de tweede single wordt een mens niet echt vrolijk. Nu ja, van de sfeer misschien niet, wel van het feit dat de mannen rond Josh Graham fantastische soundscapes maken. Zoals de man het zelf zegt laat deze song wat meer variatie horen. Ik detecteer zowaar een thrash riff, zij het erg kort. Vocaal lijkt het wel of Jens Kidman achter de mic plaats heeft genomen.

Thorns verschijnt op 23 februari 2024 via Neurot Recordings


With new song, Josh Graham reveals;

‘In Radiant Glow’ was the last song to fully come together on the EP.  It has some more variation and complexity in the arrangement than ‘All We Destroy,’ but still carries that same kind of heft – for me – there are some Godflesh moments, some Jesus Lizard, and even a brief Slayer breakdown. Lyrically, it’s a sarcastic, surreal, post-WWIII worst-case-scenario story, and now that I think of it, subliminally influenced by both Kira Jane Buxton’s Hollow Kingdom and Jeff Vandermeer’s Borne.

A new voice steps forward to put our concerns and frustrations into words; that voice is Guiltless. Picking up where A Storm Of Light left off, Guiltless was born from a love of experimental rock, noise rock, early industrial, sludge, and doom. The band is embodied by Billy Graves (Generation Of Vipers, A Storm Of Light) on drums, Dan Hawkins (A Storm Of Light) on guitar and noise, Sacha Dunable (Intronaut) on bass, and Josh Graham (A Storm Of Light, Battle Of Mice, Neurosis’ former visual artist) on guitar, vocals, and noise. Together they present a stripped down, visceral reaction to modern life; angular yet straight to the point, self-aware, surreal, and occasionally sarcastic.

Human singularity, a third world war, scorching deserts, rising seas – it’s all coming for us. The slow grind is already in motion, pushing concrete, bodies, Teslas, skyscrapers, shacks, banks, and Bitcoin into a collective abyss. Piles of discarded trash will inherit the earth. It’s anyone’s guess as to what happens next. Is this the end of the world? Who knows. Who cares? Stand by with the rest of us and watch it burn. We’re all guiltless. We’re all blameless.

Through this cycle of destruction and rebirth, Guiltless believes that art and music can give us solace or help us exercise our demons. Guiltless can be that cathartic release.


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