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Sounds | GHØSTKID, Ugly

Nadat onlangs werd aangekondigd dat GHØSTKID binnenkort in Eindhoven te zien zal zijn, tijdens Headbanger’s Parade, is afgelopen vrijdag ook de nieuwe single Ugly uitgekomen. De bijbehorende video is door GHØSTKID zelf gemaakt.

“Ugly… people are ugly because society only accepts you if you fit into the mold and they will always try to shape you if you don‘t fit the standard. Nowadays it‘s hard to be different… and it‘s even harder to feel happy and free. People will always try to shape you in order to make them feel superior but nobody can tell you what is wrong and what is right when it comes down to your own individuality. This track is dealing with the struggle of being an outsider. You‘ll always be manipulated by others, you will never be accepted the way you are, so just don‘t give a f**k and never let them change you…””, vertelt GHØSTKID over de nieuwe track.

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