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Sounds | Fågelle - Kroppen (feat. Thåström)

Beklemmende donkere folk met een experimentele toets, beter kan ik het niet omschrijven. Het nummer begint zeer ingetogen, enkel akoestische gitaar en een breekbare stem. Geleidelijk aan vullen de keys en drums aan. De verrassing komt wanneer Joakim Thåström zijn diepdonker stemgeluid laat horen en beide in duo gaan. Prachtig!

Svenska Vreden verschijnt op 27 januari 2023 via Meditation Time Records.

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Ter Info

Emerging out of the nordic experimental music scene, Fågelle is a wild collision of lyrical beauty and unhinged, raw expression. Soundscapes, heaving with intricate detail, meet radically fragile and powerful vocals.

"Kroppen" which translates as "the body" features Fågelle (Klara Andersson)'s musical hero, Swedish punk icon Joakim Thåström, about the experience she comments,

“We recorded his vocals with Michael Ilbert in the legendary Hansa Studios in Berlin and it was an unreal experience, a full circle moment.” Klara continues, "When I was writing the song, years before we recorded it, I knew it had some of its origin in his music. Which is something I don’t shy away from. I think every artist's personal expression is a mix of all the things they’ve been exposed to, and especially the things that’s touched them. So inviting him to sing on the song was like opening the door to that influence and letting it take physical form.facebook

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