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Sounds | Euphemia Rise, A Rose Shattered

Voor de week van de Belgische muziek begeef ik me graag eens buiten mijn comfortzone. Toch wanneer een nummer en video zo intrigerend freaky en genrebending zijn als deze. Bakken melancholie gedragen door vervormde gitaren en electronica en toch ergens erg pakkend melodieus. De invloeden komen uit atmosferische metal, gothic rock en space rock. Lekkere duistere mix.

Born A Cow verschijnt op 1 8februari via Epictronic.


A Rose Shattered came to life when songwriter Wim Lankriet was discussing the 60s Mary Bell murder case with a friend, who found in the mother of Mary Bell many similarities to her own, and shared some painful memories. The song lyrics were based on both stories, and picture a destructive relationship of rivalry between a mother and her daughter, leading to psychological torture, insanity and loose morals.

Named after a prostitute who became empress of Rome, Euphemia Rise was founded in 2020 by Brussels-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Wim Lankriet. A combination of many influences (indie rock, psychedelic, synth rock, darkwave, altpop) Euphemia Rise's short songs are characterised by a dark mood and emotional vibe, catchy melodies, a combination of guitars and electronics, and bittersweet lyrics with sharp edges.

A debut single 'Farewell to Greatness' was released in September 2020. After this Lankriet devoted himself to recording the first full length album 'Born a Cow', and looking out for a label to release it. In November he signed with Epictronic. The official album release on all platforms is scheduled for 18 February 2022 and there will also be a CD edition.

Wim Lankriet is a Belgian songwriter, guitarist, vocalist and keyboard player. His signature sound is forged by merging classic songwriting with more unconventional elements. Between 2009-2013 he was the brain behind the psychedelic rock project Magdalena Solis, which released two albums and played at the 2013 Roadburn Festival.

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