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Sounds | Epica, Abyss O'Time (folky, acoustic version)

Dat Epica begin volgend jaar een nieuw album uitbrengt, is voor velen onder ons geen nieuws meer. De plaat zal "Omega" heten en eerder lieten we hier al songs als Freedom - The Wolves Within en Abyss of Time horen. Omdat het niet altijd hard moet gaan hebben ze nu ook eenn akoestische/klassieke versie uitgebracht van deze Abyss of Time. Persoonlijk vind ik het echt wel genieten van de topstem van Simone Simons. Zonder al dat gitaargeweld komt haar stem eens op een andere manier naar boven. Niet dat ze een volledige cd zouden moeten maken met enkel dergelijke nummers, maar een welkome afwisseling is het wel!

Keyboarder Coen Janssen comments: "For the Omega release we rewrote 4 songs into acoustic versions. This is our way of relaxing after a period of working hard and intense on heavy music. Being able to wind down and see if the songs still ‘work’ without all the bombast feels like coming home. It also enables us to explore other musical styles than metal and challenges us to be creative in a different way than we are used to. Enjoy our first single “Abyss of Time” as if it was played in an Irish Pub while enjoying a nice pint with all your friends!!"

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04/03/2022 - Amsterdam - AFAS Live

07/03/2022 - Brussel - Ancienne Belgique

ter info Epica is a Dutch symphonic metal band, founded by guitarist and vocalist Mark Jansen after his departure from After Forever.

Formed as a symphonic metal band with gothic tendencies, later Epica have incorporated into their sound strong death metal influences. Starting from the third album, even progressive metal attitudes have become evident.In addition, the band often uses thrash metal and groove metal riffs, black metal passages (mostly in the drum technique), power metal moments and references to Arabic music. Some songs also have electronic shades, djent transitions and folk metal melodies derived from middle eastern, Chinese and Celtic traditions. Epica is also known for the attention to the vocal lines that, in contrast to the heavy context, weave very catchy, easy to hold, sophisticated and emotional melodies. The use of mezzo-soprano vocals and growled vocals, performed by Simone Simons and Mark Jansen respectively, is fundamental to the band's sound. They primarily write their own lyrics, which often deal with philosophical, psychological, spiritual, moral, scientific, environmental, socio-political, global and topical and personal themes. Epica is also known for their wide use of orchestra and opera choirs.


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