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Sounds | Durand Jones - Lord Have Mercy

Zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalige oldskool soul/r&b, met een vette roots onderbouw. En wat een leuke drive zeg. Zo'n nummer waar je helemaal vrolijk van wordt en niet op kan stil zitten, hoe gek je bewegingen ook mogen zijn, recht uit het hart alvast! De video is in feite een knappe ultrakorte film en laat ons kennismaken met een klein stukje (Louisiana) geschiedenis.

Wait Til I Get Over verschijnt op 5 mei 2023 via Dead Oceans.

Ter Info

Known as one of the singers and principal songwriters of Durand Jones & the Indications, this solo debut pulls Jones from that highly collaborative band to a place far more vulnerable and singular, and affirms him as the modern vanguard of Southern Black music. Much of Wait Til I Get Over is built on Jones’ relationship to his hometown of Hillaryville, Louisiana, a town first established as a form of reparations to previously enslaved Black Americans. The town, and Jones’ reflections, are a tangle of contradictions: the pristine beauty and the ragged roads; his teenage desire to leave and his adult desire to honor his roots; the plantation history and the ups and downs of the Black community that first made Hillaryville flourish, then suffered through its slow, systemic ravaging. To celebrate the announcement, Jones has released the album’s wild and raw first single “Lord Have Mercy.” The single has an almost Muscle Shoals quality, loose but precise, sitting in the heart of where R&B crashed into rock n roll in the South. The accompanying vividly poignant video cuts back and forth between footage of the rural swamps of Louisiana from present day and from the 1920s, capturing the generational struggle of the people of Hillaryville from Jones’ time and from that of his grandmother’s. “The interlude ends with my Grandmother telling us how she felt about Hillaryville back in the day. Hillaryville is no longer a sanctuary town or ‘place you’d most want to live’. Most people in my generation and younger dream of escaping a place like Hillaryville. And for many the dream never becomes something more. Life can find a way to keep you there if you will let it. I wanted to express this thought through sound in a raw, wild and raucous way. A build of a groove that feels like it is driving through a muddy swamp. Trapped.”


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