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Sounds | Dave Mason & Joe Bonamassa - Dear Mr. Fantasy

Dear Mr. Fantasy kwam uit in 1967 en is een van Dave Mason's favoriete nummers die hij dan ook graag live brengt. Het is nu het moment om deze song opnieuw uit te vinden volgens Dave. Als je dan een met legende als Joe Bonamassa kan samenwerken dan weet je dat deze iconische song zal inslaan als een bom. En deze blues/rock song is een pareltje geworden. Maar oordeel en geniet vooral zelf.

Op 7 April 2024 is Joe Bonamassa te gast in het Kursaal Oostende.

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"Dear Mr. Fantasy" has been a cornerstone in Mason's live sets, a testament to its enduring brilliance and his personal connection to the song. "’Fantasy’ has been a favorite song of mine since its release in 1967," Mason shared. "I’ve played it live for years in a number of different arrangements. As I’ve often said, there are no old songs, just good songs, and 'Dear Mr. Fantasy,' in my mind, is one of the finest examples around."

In an exciting turn for fans, Mason has joined forces with Joe Bonamassa, whose guitar mastery and vocal prowess are well-suited for the complexity and depth of the iconic track. Mason's enthusiasm about the collaboration is palpable: "To have the opportunity to incorporate one of the modern-day great guitar players, Joe Bonamassa, is as exciting to me as playing with Jimi Hendrix. He is the first person I wanted to include on this new version of 'Fantasy.'"

The synergy between Mason's seasoned artistry and Bonamassa's fresh perspective has culminated in a rendition of "Dear Mr. Fantasy" that honors the original while standing firmly with a foot in the contemporary music scene. "The combination of talent with great song structure is exhilarating to me, and I knew Joe would play it like nobody else," Mason expressed. "He has a uniquely keen sense of precise timing, unobstructed by a bluesy groove that’s perfect for this song."

This collaboration is more than just a revisit to a beloved classic; it's a fusion of tradition and innovation. Bonamassa's contribution is not limited to his guitar genius; his vocal ability adds a new dimension to the track. Mason celebrates this, saying, "He brings everything up, and 'Dear Mr. Fantasy' is both classic and current, an exceptionally difficult balance to do but Joe Bonamassa pulled it off powerfully with grace and genius."

The new version of "Dear Mr. Fantasy" featuring Dave Mason with Joe Bonamassa is available now on all major streaming platforms. It serves as a poignant reminder of Traffic's musical genius and as a bridge connecting generations of rock enthusiasts.


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