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Sounds | Danheim, Hel

De nieuwe clip van Danheim is uit!

Het nummer genaamd Hell is een vertelling over de negen koninkrijken de dood in de viking mythologie. In deze mythologie Hell is heel anders dan de hell zoals de Christenen het kennen en word getoond door geweld artwork in de video.

Het project Danheim van Mike Schæfer Olsen brengt in 2022 een nieuw album uit en Hell is één van de nummers op dat album. En zoals de vikingen voorbodes hadden is deze single een goede voorbode voor wat er komen gaat!

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Lees About Danheim

Danheim is a Nordic folk/Viking inspired project from the Copenhagen-based Danish producer Mike Olsen, a man with 8 years of experience in electronic and ambient music – focusing on Nordic Folk and Viking age inspired music with a certain Nordic authenticity or mood. Danheim’s music is often composed of ideas and stories based on the darker side of the Viking period, inspired or consisting of Nordic Mythology, old Danish folklore, and a vivid imagination.

Danheim hit 100 million streams across digital music platforms in 2019, obtained 200.000 subscribers on YouTube, and landed his music in the final season of the popular TV show Vikings.

About Mike Schæfer Olsen

Singer-songwriter Mike Schæfer Olsen, (born in 1985, Brøndby, Denmark), transitioned to focus on music in the early 2000’s and has been composing music almost continuously ever since, alongside doing radio shows and starting the indie label Fimbul Records, which transitioned into the radio project “Fimbul Radio” in early 2020.

With a passion for songwriting running through his veins from an early age, Mike Olsen’s Viking-inspired music and dark melodies have broadened the Nordic folk genre and inspired millions of listeners around the world, bringing them back in time with a blend of his imagination and creativity.


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