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Sounds | Colleen Rennison - Means To An End

Wat een zalige 'piano ballad' gebracht door deze 35-jarige Canadese (yep, daar ga ik opnieuw) singer-songwriter. Rennison is eigenlijk van oorsprong een actrice (sinds 1994) en kreeg eerst te horen dat haar stem véél te ongeschoold was om het als zangeres te maken. Maar kijk, na een eerdere ervaring met haar rock/soul/blues band No Sinner staat ze er nu als solo artieste. En ze staat er - op z'n minst vocaal - als een huis.

Persephone verschijnt dit voorjaar.

Ter Info

At any given moment, there are so many sounds competing for our attention that it’s easy to get overwhelmed and hear nothing. But, every now and then, a voice comes along that cuts through all the random noise and clatter, a voice that makes you stop and really listen because whatever you were doing up until that point isn’t as important as listening to it and letting it take you where it wants to go.

Colleen Rennison has a voice like that. A voice that channels power, tenderness and a range of emotions that seem like they couldn’t possibly come from a singer who’s only 35 years old. Colleen has a voice that can floor you, and envelop you, and bring all of the pain and struggles of your life crashing down on you like a tidal wave. It’s a voice and phrasing that took Etta James decades to properly control, that Aretha Franklin had to go to Hell and back to even go near. Yes, it can hurt to listen to Colleen sing, but it’s a hurting you’ll want to go through over and over again because of how much feel better, lighter, cleansed you feel every time you hear it.


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