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Sounds | Cold Night For Alligators, Water

Alternative/progressieve metal band Cold Night For Alligators heeft in aanloop naar de release van The Hindsight Notes een nieuwe single uitgebracht. Na de eerder uitgebrachte tracks is ook Water een technisch sterke track, met een volle, wat tragere, zwaardere sound, die goed laat horen wat Cold Night For Alligators allemaal kan.

Johan Pedersen over de tekst: Water is about loneliness - a general feeling of being on the outside looking in which I’ve felt a lot and I think is quite common. It’s affected my relations throughout my life, which is something I feel both hit by and responsible for, which is why the lyrics on this track are a bit of an apology to those close to me - basically trying to explain where I’m coming from while realizing that it’s part of my personality which I can’t do much about.”

De band over het nieuwe nummer: Water is massive, heavy and epic. We threw everything at this one, since we felt it was the right time to do so. There’s big choruses, breakdowns, guitarists trading solos and a huge, orchestral climax which reflects our love of film scores - it’s a lot to take in, but it makes perfect sense to us and we think it will to you, too.”

The Hindsight Notes zal op 4 maart uitgebracht worden via Arising Empire. Cold Night For Alligators zal op zaterdag 28 mei te zien zijn tijdens Submit Fest in Rotterdam.

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