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Sounds | Casey - Selah

Volgende week vrijdag is het zover! Dan komt album nummer 3 van Casey uit. Na enkele teaser krijgen we nu nog een (laatste?) teaser die de naam Selah draagt. Een prachtige emotionele song zoals we ze graag horen van Casey.

Zanger Tom Weaver over de nieuwe song:

This song was actually named by Liam; it was a word that I wasn’t familiar with, but I think it fits the song perfectly. Selah is defined as “an expression occurring frequently in the Psalms, thought to be a liturgical or musical direction, probably a direction by the leader to raise the voice or perhaps an indication of a pause”.

I’ve had a turbulent relationship with religion throughout most of my life. My overwhelming feeling is that at its best it provides a sense of belonging and community; and at its worst it serves to absolve accountability. In moments of crisis, I’ve often posed that question of “If you’re there, why are you doing this to me?”, and I’ve never been able to get past the inefficiency of that “God works in mysterious ways” type answer.

ICYMI: De groep kondigde een Europese tour aan dus wie ze live aan het werk wil zien, kan dat op 2 april in Utrecht (Tivoli Vredenburg) en op 3 april in Antwerpen (Trix).

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Casey, at its core, was grounded in the notion that music is a labour of love. Without expectation of success, without desire to attain stardom, just a shared yearning to create music - and when this no longer rang true Casey stayed true to themselves, and stepped away.

In late 2018, when Casey announced they were bringing the band to a close, it felt like a premature demise. Their first two LPs - 2016 Love Is Not Enough and 2018’s Where I Go When I Am Sleeping – had firmly established the Welsh five-piece as one of the most exciting bands in Britain’s alternative scene.

Now, years later, the band have returned - bigger and better than ever before. Casey don't just replicate the feelings that inspire them - they embody them.


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