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Sounds | Boston manor, Algorithm

In augustus hoorden we opnieuw van Boston Manor met hun nieuwe single Carbon Mono. Nu krijgen we een tweede song: Algorithm. Het is vrij rustige song maar heeft zeker wel een fijne vibe!

Zanger Henry Cox zegt het volgende over de nieuwe track: “In the current media landscape, artists now are expected not only to write & perform music; but also to be media personalities, stylists, photographers, merch companies, streamers, gamers, filmmakers & just about everything in between. We’re also expected to produce art (“content”) at such an insane rate that, combined with touring commitments, it leaves us with less and less time to actually focus on the art itself. I wrote Algorithm in response to this - the whole ‘someone else’s clothes’ thing being a reference to the fact that I often feel pressured to be a person I’m not, and that sucks.”

Goed nieuws voor de Nederlanders: Boston Manor zal in het voorprogramma staan van Neck Deep's Europese tour volgende jaar. Miner goed nieuws voor de Belgen: ze zullen niet aanwezig zijn op de show in Antwerpen, sad face.

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‘Algorithm’ follows on from Boston Manor’s recently released fearsome anthem ‘Carbon Mono’,which was already inciting moshpits and scream-alongs at the band’s recent headline shows, as well as their incendiary performances at Reading and Leeds Festival and as last minute headliners of the Key Club Stage at Slam Dunk. This new music channels a lot of the frustration and alienation Cox was feeling during lockdown, proving cathartic but also devilishly savvy, bleakly funny. Cox admits that the lyrics for recent (and forthcoming) songs “are about the alienation I began to feel from the common person on the street, an alienation magnified by the way the world has reacted to Covid and the lockdown, and the George Floyd murder… Isolation, anxiety, dread…”

(bron: KINDA)


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