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Sounds | Beartooth, The Past Is Dead

Beartooth bracht nog maar net hun nieuwe song Devastation uit, maar de jongens zitten duidelijk niet stil. Net voor het weekend werd ook The Past Is Dead gereleased. En je kan het al raden: er komt een nieuw album uit! Hun vierde album zal de titel Below dragen en komt deze zomer al uit. Op 25 juni kunnen we smullen van Below! (nvdr: Arne Laermans vult aan) Het nummer zit vol energie maar is minder agressief dan wat we gewend zijn van Beartooth. Er is door de band veel meer aandacht gelegd op de vocals van Caleb Shomo. Below verschijnt op 25 juni via Red Bull Records

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A handful of bands play the “devastating riffs and catchy hooks” game, but for Beartooth, this music is the difference between life and death. As easy-going, charming, and outgoing as these young men may appear, there is an inner turmoil churning away, only satiated by the savage music they play. Suicidal ideation, emotional desolation, and desperate dark nights of the soul are chewed up and spat out in song after song; cathartic singalong anthems like “Fed Up,” “Sick of Me,” and “In Between.”

Like Nine Inch Nails or Tame Impala, Beartooth is a one-man band in the studio. It began as musical exorcism, conceived in frontman Caleb Shomo’s home recording sanctuary, a means to tame the demons of debilitating depression and anxiety he is suffered since childhood. Beartooth harness the sacred and profane to purge inner darkness with a dizzying light. Beartooth's effect on listeners is evident by their highly engaged audience; invitations to major festivals world and tours with Slipknot, Bring Me The Horizon, and A Day To Remember; and a RIAA-certified gold single.

When Rolling Stone introduced Beartooth as one of 10 New Artists You Need to Know, the sound was rightly described as “like a nervous breakdown, usually with enough optimism to push through.” As long as the duelling dichotomy of mental anguish and creative catharsis remain bound together, Caleb Shomo and crew will be here to oversee the show. So please, enjoy the ride.


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