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Sounds | Bearings, Sway

Het was al eventjes stil bij Bearings, maar nu laten de jongens weer muzikaal van zich horen! We worden getrakteerd op een old school poppunk klinkende plaat genaamd Sway. Zanger Doug Cousins zegt het volgende over hun nieuwe song:

"Sway is a tongue in cheek track about someone who thinks they are way too damn cool. The song came about pretty quickly and once we got going with it, we knew it was going to be the first single we wanted everyone.... we wanted something everyone could move to. Something with a raw dose of energy".

Hun nieuwe single gaat ook meteen gepaard met een album aankondiging. De opvolger, Hello, It's You, van Blue In The Dark (uit 2018) zal verschijnen op 20 november via Pure Noise Records.


As a whole,Hello, It’s You’ uses its lyrical poignancy to elevate universal emotions all too jumbled in the current climate. It’s hard enough to be human, but add in the creeping existential dead de jour, and it’s downright confounding at times. But by reassuring fans to embrace the conflict and messiness of life, "Hello, It’s You" serves as a reminder of our own humanity, reaching deep into those emotions and stirring something important and long-lasting.


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