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Sounds | Another Now, Outflow

Van binnengekomen gesproken: Outflow gaat oerend hard van start, om dan 'metalcoregewijs' een emomomentje te krijgen. Zo gaat het nummer dan ook verder: de gevoelige passages wisselen doorlopend en vrij snel met de harde stukken en dat gaat traditiegetrouw gepaard met cleane vs uncleane zang. Op zich niets nieuws onder de zon ... tot je even naar de andere nummers (zie hieronder) luistert. De kerels uit Eindhoven (aka Bertus City) bouwen regelmatig boeiende prog elementen in hun nummers en creëren zo een extra dynamiek die hun metalcore ook voor mij best interessant maakt.

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Another Now premiered their entirely self-made (!!) music video for new single 'Outflow' on Dreambound last week. 'Outflow' has been released officially on Wednesday, November 25th on all digital outlets. This release follows up the band's triple single ‘Distance’. The new single is produced and mixed by Rik Bosmans (bass, vocals & production Another Now) and mastered by Christof Kempe (Time, The Valuator, Alazka & Breath Atlantis).

Vocalist Stef Rikken: ‘Inspiration for Outflow came from this feeling of duality within the band.There are times when we all feel really good about where we’re heading as a band, but more andmore it feels like there’s always this avalanche of negative impulses just waiting to happen. Tokeep ourselves motivated and excited, we’re always looking for that next hit of dopamine andhappiness. It’s hard to find that excitement when the world seems so dark, so we’re just trying tocreate the light ourselves. That’s what Outflow is for us.’

This weekend they will be playing a streaming show @ Submit Fest, Baroeg Rotterdam.

The band is supported by Music Hub Brabant, supplying them with a budget to invest in production, coaching and workshops. For their export marketing investments, Another Now is receiving funds from Dutch Music Export. (Buma Cultuur/FPK).

This metalcore five-piece from Eindhoven shows society both the sickening and the fantastic aspects of our world. Inspired by bands like Northlane, Bad Omens and Crystal Lake they create their own sound. With their fresh blend of styles, a relentless tornado of punching riffs and abrupt left turns, combined with atmospheric melodies, the band creates music for adventurous heavy music fans.

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