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Sounds | Amythyst Kiah, Black Myself

Een duidelijke boodschap brengen op deze manier? Fuck die arrogante zakken die menen dat muzikanten enkel mogen entertainen en verder hun smoel moeten houden. Het is een schande dat de 'black community' (in de V.S.) nog steeds op dergelijke manier behandeld wordt, dus laat het maar horen, tot onze bleke tronies groen uitslaan.

Black Myself is sublieme, potige, hedendaagse roots rock, door Kiah geschreven voor Our Native Daughters. Lekker rauw gebracht en fantastisch gezongen.

Wary + Strange verschijnt ergens in 2021!

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“The spirit of the Black Power Movement definitely comes into play here for me. This song marks the first time that I really confronted my raw feelings about the history of my ancestors who were enslaved in the transatlantic trade. Specifically, my contempt for the hypocrites who used Christianity to justify these actions, the unfortunate stereotypes that encouraged social hostility toward black people - even within the community - and my recognition of the shoulders I stand on and how my present and future is possible because of the courage of the people before me. For many, being black was and still is a curse, but strength against adversity and love and support for each other is what makes us who we are. Inheriting “blackness” in a post-colonial society is a precarious thing. The last verse is a kind of transcendence into a new plane where “blackness” is no longer a curse but rather a source of strength.” Amythyst Kiah on “Black Myself” With an unforgettable voice that’s both unfettered and exquisitely controlled, the Tennessee-bred singer/songwriter expands on the uncompromising artistry she most recently revealed as part of Our Native Daughters, an all-women-of-color supergroup whose Kiah-penned standout “Black Myself” earned a Grammy Award nomination for Best American Roots Song and won Song of the Year at the 2019 Folk Alliance International Awards. When met with the transcendent quality of her newly elevated sound, what emerges is an extraordinary vessel for Kiah’s songwriting: a raw yet nuanced examination of grief, alienation, and the hard-won triumph of total self-acceptance.

This new studio version of "Black Myself" is a glorious collision of two vastly different worlds: the iconoclastic alt-rock that first sparked her musical passion, and the roots/old-time-music scene. Produced by Tony Berg (Phoebe Bridgers, Amos Lee, Andrew Bird) the track was recorded at the legendary Sound City Studios in Los Angeles.


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