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Sounds | Alase - Love Crime

Wat me vooral meezuigt in dit nummer is de drumbeat die niets met metal te maken heeft, de synth soundscapes én de stem van Rioghan Darcy. Jaja, Love Crime evolueert na een sfeervolle start richting metal natuurlijk, al zit het interessante aspect hem vooral in het eerste deel. Een mooi duet, al hoor ik niet echt de meerwaarde bij de mannelijke stem (Janne) die, ondanks mooi, me net iets te zweverig klinkt.

Beyond Our Imagination (EP) verschijnt op 23 februari 2024 via Inverse Records.


Finnish atmospheric progressive metal band Alase released a new single Love Crime. This track features a stunning Rioghan as female vocals for this duet where Alase's mastermind Janne Lunnas handles male vocals.

Guitarist Janne Lunnas comments Love Crime:"The upcoming four-track EP "Beyond Our Imagination" had two songs, of which either one would have worked well as a single. However, "Love Crime" was chosen as the single because it presents many new aspects of our music. It was such an honour to have Rioghan Darcy of the band Rioghan as the female voice in this duet. This time I was responsible for the male voice myself.


Love Crime is a story of tormenting love. The song came together pretty quickly as I knew it was a duet and that the other vocalist was Rioghan. That led to me composing what I thought was a bit of "Rioghan-style" stuff, like the electronic drums and synths in the early parts. At that point, I could not guess that I would end up singing the final male parts of the song.


Our lyricist Ninni Swan had a vision of how the music video for Love Crime should look like. Mikko Parkkonen from Aarni Visuals picked up the ideas and created a mystical garden in his studio with very extraordinary plants. Both Alase and Rioghan have worked closely with Aarni Visuals before, so it was clear that the video would be shot at Aarni's studio in Seinäjoki." 



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