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Nieuws | Headbangers Parade 2023: Architects set wordt de 'best ever'!

- Persbericht -

It will be good news for many fans. Architects frontman Sam Carter has announced via his Instagram account that the shows on the upcoming 'Germany tour' will feature a lot of old songs. The show at Headbangers Parade is the official conclusion of that tour so 'we are looking forward to a nice set. In fact; the best set ever' according to Sam.

Sam Carter at Instagram

'I’m so excited for the shows that we’ve got coming up in January and this set is going to be so fucking fun. It’s going to be the longest set we’ve ever done and let’s face it when you’ve got this many records it needs to be (even if it might kill me) .

We’re going to be playing songs that we haven’t played in years and I think it’s the best set we’ve ever put together.

I can’t wait to see you and give you everything we’ve got.

Don’t miss out on these tickets this tour is going to be special!

Peace love & blegh'

Tickets & info De eerste editie van het festival zal plaatsvinden op zondag 15 januari 2023 in de Mainstage Brabanthallen (Den Bosch, NL).

PS: Special giftbox for the holidays!

Did you know that Impericon has a special Headbangers Parade gift box on offer for the upcoming holidays? You will receive a special hardcopy ticket, a shirt and a poster. Great to put under the Christmas tree. Get it HERE!

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