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Nieuws | Graveland Festival 2024: Wake, Deathless Void, Xoth, Overruled & Darvaza

The wait is over! The final five bands joining Graveland Festival 2024 are here: Wake, Deathless Void, Xoth, Overruled, and Darvaza. Get ready to dive into a high-intensity musical journey that celebrates the raw spirit of heavy metal.

From Wake's electrifying energy to Darvaza's dark melodies, prepare for a lineup that spans the full spectrum of metal's power. Join us for an authentic, head-banging experience on May 24 & 25.

Let's unite for a weekend that echoes with the roar of guitars and the unity of metal fans worldwide. Graveland 2024 is calling – will you answer?

24 en 25 mei 2024, Hollandscheveld


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