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Nieuws | Desertfest 2022: drie nieuwe namen!

- Persbericht - After the first joint (yes, we went there) announcement a few weeks ago, we will continue to unload handfuls of new names on the regular for Ghent and Antwerp separately.

This time around, give it up for this trio of heavyweights that will be playing DF GHENT on 30 Oct!

It is written in the Stoner Bible that every doomfest with Monolord on the bill is a guaranteed win. So with that, we can already declare DF Ghent 2022 a bonafide success. Yes, the Swedish Lords of Downtuned Perfection will grace us with their presence so you finally get to hear those sweet riffs from ‘Your Time To Shine’ live!

Joining them on 30 Oct will be Bossk, which can either be a minor Star Wars character or the acclaimed post-metal sludgers from Kent, UK. All bets are on! And finally, those of you who were there at DF Antwerp 2018 will be pleased to hear that the mystery occult drones of Wyatt E. will be back, with some spiffy new material to play as well.

Meanwhile, we’ll be back with more names for the Antwerp edition, very soon.. Only one more thing left to say: go get your tickets! Reduced Combi formulas are now available, for the separate events as well as one super-duper joint combi-to-rule-them-all: Info & Tickets


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