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Fotoverslag | Stereo Grand + Raphaële Germser - Le Botanique

Once again I was back at Le Botanique, to see for the foist time Stereo Grand with Raphaële Germser as a support act. I didn't really know the bands before, but when I listened to this half belgian half scotish band for the first time, I had to go check it out.

I was curious about the concert because it was the first time I saw the orangerie so full of kids as well, some even singing their songs, and being the best fan club ever with big banners that they were walking up and down the room showing their support to the band.

After 15 years of existence, and with new musicians of board to form what we could call this Stereo Grand 2.0, and after a long break, the band is finally releasing their new album this spring, and made everyone dance and sing with them along their indie pop music that we rarely hear in Botanique.

The night started with a softer note though when Raphaële Germser and Arnaud Héron came up on stage as the first act of the night. They already created a bond with us with their funny attitude on stage, and with her honest songs dedicatd to her daughter, about the courage it takes to leave a toxic relationship, a dead person visiting you to tell you that everything is ok, and even a sexual song. The sugacoat moment of the night was when Raphaële had a technical problem, and they just decided to sit down on stage and end the concert with an accoutic version of the song they wanted to end the performance with, that was just absolutely beautiful.

Stereo Grand

Raphaële Germser


vrijdag 26 mei 2023, Le Botanique (Brussel, BE) | Foto's & tekst: Cristina Vergara

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