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Fotoverslag | Devin Townsend + Klone + Fixation - Ancienne Belgique

Friday was a metal night again at AB. Lucky me, this time with a photopit that we were allowed to use since the first band!

That was Fixation from Norway, a great support act for what was coming next, presenting their melodic metalcore combining electronic elements with metal, wrapping the whole thing up with heavy rhythms and dynamic riffs. They were followed by the French Klone. Ethereal pieces were combined with heavier segments that brought the mood up for the final act. The Canadian Devin Townsend made its appearance on stage, shortly followed afterwards by his orange octopus. Although complaining about his voice and comparing himself to Marge Simpsons, that didn’t seem to bother an audience who gave it all dancing at all the different pieces ranging from melodic rock to more progressive metal, and even some more jazzy or blues segments.

Devin Townsend




vrijdag 24 maart 2023, Ancienne Belgique (Brussel, BE) | Foto's & tekst: Cristina Vergara


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